Yoga Pants!



This project is in honor of my new found guru Julia Mooney @oneoutfit100days...she has challenged herself to wear the same dress for 100 days to show her middle school students that we are not our clothes...

are we perpetuating a culture that defines us based on what we are wearing rather than what we are doing?

Our demand for cheap clothes forces retailers to produce in foreign countries where labor laws do not protect the workers

Excessive buying impacts the uses water and pollutes

We need to question our responsibly

"How many yoga pants do you have?!!!!"  is a question I am often asked.  I always say I have no idea!

This project will shine a light on the deep dark recesses of my closets/drawers...and really look at what's going on!

Will I stop buying yoga pants? NO!

But I will start looking at what I buy and where it is coming from..will I wear it use it 6 months from now?

my monster pants....see the story unfold

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